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Strain Gages, Strain Guages, Torque Transducers, Pressure Transducers, Torque sensors, force sensors Strain Gages, Strain Guages, Torque Transducers, Pressure Transducers, Torque sensors, force sensors

For over 50 years, Measuring Components Division of Minebea Company has been fulfilling needs of numerous customers for high quality measurement components and electronic instrumentation (strain gages or strain guages, load cells, pressure transducers, torque transducers, torque sensors, and force sensors). These strain gages and sensors by NMB possess the highest pedigree, tracing their roots to the original invention and commercial development of bonded resistance strain gages and their applications in load cells, pressure transducers and torque transducers.

NMB strain gages are used for manufacturing load cells and transducers as well as for applications in test and measurement equipment. The strain gages are tailored for uses in force, torque, pressure and displacement measurements from industrial, medical, aerospace and consumer industries. Applications include commercial scales, tank and vessel weighing, web-tension, tension measurement in crane cables, PC keyboard "mouse" or cursor controls, high performance body-fat measuring bathroom scale to low cost kitchen and bathroom scales.

Selecting Strain Gages for use in Load Cells and Transducers

Strain Gages for Torque Transducers and Pressure Transducers

NMB offers its high performance J, K and Y series strain gages in torque transducers and pressure transducers for superior performance. Enhanced performance combined with significantly improved long-term stability make these strain gages the ideal choice for transducer applications.

The J, K and Y series strain gages are designed for a broad range of transducer applications for improved performance, lower costs and ease of application.

· Well controlled creep performance over temperature
· Excellent long-term stability of bulk foils
· Wide range of standard and custom shapes and sizes

Torque Transducers and Pressure Transducers Strain Gages Datasheet

Strain Gages for Test and Measurement Equipment

NMB B, E and F series strain gages are ideally suited for rigorous test and measurement applications. They are available in a wide range of standard configurations and may be ordered with optional ribbon leads or long, vinyl-insulated wire leads.

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Custom Gages

NMB has a dedicated staff of design and application engineers ready to bring your concept to life rapidly. Contact us to design gages for your special applications.

Write to Naresh Puri with details of your custom requirements.

Application Support

It is pleasure to answer your questions regarding applications of our products. Please contact us by phone, FAX or eMail for prompt attention.

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